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Biomedical Equipment Management & Maintenance Program

Medical Devices availability and upkeep is one of the key interventions for mass access to diagnostics, preventive, assistive and therapeutic services.

BMMP is an initiative by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to provide support to state governments to outsource medical equipment maintenance comprehensively for all facilities so as to improve the functionality and life of equipments, simultaneously improving healthcare services in public health facilities- reducing cost of care and improving the quality of care.

Inventory mapping of all bio-medical equipment completed in 29 State/UTs. 7,56,750 number of equipments in 29,115 Health facilities costing approximately Rs 4564 crore were identified. Equipments in range of 13% to 34% were found to be dysfunctional across States / UTs.

Salient features of Program: 24 X 7 Toll free number for reporting breakdown, Medical Equipment Management Information data for planning and monitoring performance of medical equipment, Preventive maintenance, Corrective maintenance, Calibration and User Training.

Aims to ensure upkeep time for medical equipment in PHC/CHC/DH at 85%, 90% and 95% respectively. Converted pending dysfunctional equipment to functional in States/UT following BMMP.

BMMP Implementation Status (as on 31st August 2018):

20 State/UT have implemented BMMP programme (through PPP) in accordance with NHM Guideline.

5 States/UTs are maintaining their equipment in-house using Biomedical Engineers or Annual Maintenance contract with Manufacturer.

AERB Compliance GuidelineNew

Biomedical Equipment Revised GuidelinesNew

BMMP technical manual to be put under Biomedical Equipment Maintenance and Management Program and under guidelines New