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12th Common Review Mission

The National Rural Health Mission was launched on 12th April 2005, to provide accessible, affordable and accountable quality health services to the poorest households in the remotest rural regions. National Health Mission (NHM) approved by the Cabinet on 1st May, 2013, with National Urban Health Mission (NUHM) as the new sub-mission, besides existing NRHM. Annual Common Review Mission has been one of the important monitoring mechanisms under NHM. Ten CRMs have been undertaken so far and have provided valuable understanding of the strategies and programmes.

The 12th Common Review Mission (CRM) was held from 04th September to 12th September 2018, to review implementation progress of the National Health Mission in sixteen states. The 12th CRM covered nineteen states. The focus of the CRM was to undertake a rapid assessment of the implementation status of NHM and its key strategies and priority areas, analyze strengths and challenges with respect to strengthening health systems, identify trends in progress of key indicators,  particularly relating to coverage, equity and affordability, document innovations and best practices, evaluate the readiness of  the state to undertake implementation of new initiatives, and review the progress and coordination mechanisms with various partners having focus on aspirational and NCD districts. This CRM had a different focus where teams assessed the implementation of the programmes from the citizen perspective. Therefore, the interactions began with the community and continued to examine service provision from Sub Health Centres (SHCs) onwards up to District Hospital based on the principle of continuum of care.


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