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National Oral Health Programme(NOHP)

Taking into account the oral health situation in the country, Government of India has initiated a National Oral Health Programme to provide integrated, comprehensive oral health care in the existing health care facilities with the following objectives:

  • To improve the determinants of oral health
  • To reduce morbidity from oral diseases
  • To integrate oral health promotion and preventive services with general health care system
  • To encourage Promotion of Public Private Partnerships (PPP) model for achieving better oral health.

In order to achieve above listed objectives, Government of India has decided to assist the State Governments in initiating provision of dental care along with other ongoing health programmes implemented at various levels of the primary health care system. Funding has been made available through the State PIPs for establishment of a dental unit [at district level or below]

This dental unit equipped with necessary trained manpower, equipments including dental chair and support for consumables would be provided to the states through the NOHP. These units, according to the level of saturation of state’s own dental units, may be established at district hospitals or in the health facilities below the level of district hospitals.


Manpower, if required, [such as a Dental Surgeon, a Dental Hygienist & a Dental Assistant] may be appointed on contractual basis. The TORs is at Annexure I


Equipments for the dental unit such as dental chair, x-ray machine and other supportive instruments may also be procured by the State Government.


The sanctioned funds can be used for procurement of consumables required for the unit.
The National Oral Health Cell will also help in imparting training to the Oral health manpower as well as general health manpower for better integrated approach to better oral health.

In order to increase the level of awareness, the Government of India will help preparation of prototype Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials/Behavior Change Communication (BCC) materials for dissemination of information. 3 Public Private Partnership model may also be utilized with the private dental colleges, various dental associations and community based organizations to promote community based oral health awareness and service delivery, wherever feasible

The National Oral Health Cell (NOHC) will be monitoring the implementation and progress of the programme from time to time through established mechanisms.