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List of Drugs being provided in ASHA Kit

ASHA is provided with a drug kit containing a set of drugs/equipment and products that enable her to provide basic level care and enhance her credibility in the community. The drug kits mainly contain drugs for minor ailments. She is also provided with a Home Based Newborn Care kit for providing growth assessment of newborn care after training in 6th & 7th module. The list of drugs and equipments is given below-

No.Contents of Drug KIT
1. DDK for Clean deliveries at home
2. Tab. Paracetamol
3. Paracetamol syrup
4. Tab. Iron Folic Acid (L)
5. Tab. Punarvadu Mandur (ISM Preparation of Iron)
6. Tab. Dicyclomine
7. Tetracycline ointment
8. Zinc Tablets
9. Povidine Ointment Tube
10. G.V. Paint
11. Cotrimoxazole syrup
12. Paediatric Cotrimoxazole tablets
13. ORS Packets
14. Condoms
15. Oral pills (In cycles)
16. Spirit
17. Soap
18. Sterilized Cotton
19. Bandages, 4cm X 4 meters
20. Nischay Kit
21. Rapid Diagnostic Kit
22. Slides for Malaria & Lancets
23. Emergency Contraceptive Pill
24. Sanitary napkins (to promote Menstrual Hygiene amongst adolescent girls)
No.List of Items in ASHA Equipment Kit
1. Digital Wrist Watch
2. Thermometer
3. Weighing Scale (for newborn)
4. Baby Blanket
5. Baby Feeding spoon
6. Kit Bag
7. Communication Kit
8. Mucous Extractor