Through Adolescent Friendly Health Clinics (AFHCs), counselling and curative services are provided at primary, secondary and tertiary levels of care on fixed days and fixed time with due referral linkages. Commodities such as Iron & Folic Acid tablets and non-clinical contraceptives are also made available in the clinics for the adolescents. Capacity building of service providers in the six thematic areas is vital for effective and successful implementation of RKSK. AH Division of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has initiated National Level TOTs for Medical Officers, ANMs/LHVs and Counsellors. Further these master trainers trained at national level will undertake state/district level training of service providers at district training sites.

Counselling services for adolescent on important health areas such as nutrition, puberty, RTI/STI prevention and contraception and delaying marriage and child bearing are being provided through recruitment and training of dedicated counsellors.

Commodities available at AFHC 

  • Weekly Iron & Folic Acid Supplementation & Albendazole
  • Sanitary napkins
  • Contraceptives
  • Medicines

 Information (IEC & IPC) at AFHC

  • Counselling on nutrition, menstrual disorders, personal hygiene, menstrual hygiene, use of sanitary napkins, use of contraceptives, sexual concerns, depression, sexual abuse, gender violence, substance misuse and promoting healthy behavior to prevent non communicable diseases
  • Posters/booklets/pamphlets, wall writing and visuals

Curative Services available at AFHC

  • Treatment of severe malnutrition
  • Treatment of common RTI/STI problems
  • Treatment of menstrual disorders
  • Treatment for sexual concerns of males and female
  • Mental health service/management of depression
  • Treatment of non-communicable diseases and other common ailments
  • Management of injuries related to accidents and violence
  • Management of substance misuse
  • Treatment of non-communicable diseases like hypertension, stroke, cardio-vascular diseases and diabetes

 Other important services

  • To delay first pregnancy, decrease teenage pregnancies and meet contraceptive needs of adolescents is an important mandate of the Adolescent Health Programme. Counselling on contraception and provision for emergency contraceptives and reversible contraceptives to prevent unwanted pregnancy and to delay teenage pregnancy will be provided at the AFHC. The pregnant adolescents are guided for early antenatal registration and ensure institutional delivery in order to prevent antenatal and postnatal complications. Outreach activities on Village Health and Nutrition day and health education sessions in school and community on appropriate age of marriage and adverse health consequences of teenage pregnancy are also organised. - Reduction in maternal deaths among adolescent girls- AFHCs provide management of anaemia through iron supplementation and nutritional counselling. Through appropriate health facility referrals, early and safe abortion services are provided to adolescents.
  • Reduction in incidence of sexually transmitted diseases and proportion of HIV positive cases in adolescents- Trained Medical officers at AFHC provide early treatment of common Reproductive tract infections / sexually transmitted infections. The health functionaries will ensure confidentiality, treatment compliance, partner management and follow-up. Linkage and referral to ICTC facilities is established to prevent HIV infections. Management of menstrual disorders, addressing sexual concerns of adolescence is ensured at appropriate level of facility.

To make the clinics adolescent friendly, states have branded the clinics in the name of ‘Maitri’ in Maharashtra, ‘Udaan’ in Uttrakhand, ‘Sneha’ in Karnataka and so on. The objective of it being addressing the stigma behind accessing the adolescent services.