The School Health Programme was launched to address the health needs of school going children and adolescents in the 6-18 year age groups in the Government and Government aided schools. The programme entails biannual health screening and early management of disease, disability and common deficiency and linkages with secondary and tertiary health facilities as required. This is the only public sector programme specifically focused on school age children. The focus is to address the health needs of children, both physical and mental, nutrition interventions, promotes physical activities and counselling and provision of fixed day immunisation coupled with education. Weekly Iron Folic acid Supplementation, WIFS, along with biannual deworming as proposed would be linked with the school Health Programme .

Under the School Health Program in 2010-11, 705.9 lakhs students (30%) in 4.93 lakhs schools were covered, with expenditure of Rs 7247.04 lakhs. Allocation in 2011-12 was of Rs. 13,650.83 Lakhs for 33 States. Two States used State fund for their programme.