Draft Urban Health Framework for Implementation

Executive SUmmary

As per Census 2001, 28.6 crore people live in urban areas. The urban population is estimated to increase to 35.7 crore in 2011 and to 43.2 crore in 2021. Urban growth has led to rapid increase in number of urban poor population, many of whom live in slums and other squatter settlements. As per Census 2001, 4.26 crore people lived in slums spread over 640 towns/cities having population of fifty thousand or above. In the cities with population one lakh and above, the 3.73 crore slum population was expected to reach 6.25 crore by 2008, thus putting greater strain on the urban infrastructure which is already overstretched. As per the United Nations projections, if urbanization continues at the present rate, then 46% of the total population will be in urban regions of India by 2030. While the Jawahar Lal Nehru Urban Renewal Mission is beginning to tackle the urban infrastructure issues, urban health issues need immediate attention, especially in the context of the urban poor. It also needs attention from a public health perspective.

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